7 comments on “Hipster hipster

  1. Interesting. I always really hated hipsters. But now I find myself growing a beard and working in a 3rd wave coffee shop. Am I ‘Hipster hipster’? I have a lot of thinking to do…

  2. Good for you to start this blog- there are many hipsters “out there” walking in the mainstream!
    You may enjoy my blog at moizbillah.wordpress.com. It is hipster, in the usual unusual way!

  3. Hipsterception! For the longest time I was not a hipster I refused, I fought tooth and nail. And now I am, as you are, a Meta-Hipster. Great Post!

  4. I fit in all the category and examples. well except the glasses and the coffee. ( I’m more of a Earl Grey Tea, type of person.) Come on! Six people classifying themselves or others as Hipster Hipsters, aren’t we being a little TO mainstream here? haha! I occasionally to refer to other Ultra-hipsters as “People-who-could-care-less-what-we-think.” But in truth they may be the ones who have it all figured out! I recently took a interest in a girl who also was also a “hipster” and found that unlike other girls, she was always open minded about most things and was much more at ease with whom she was. In my belief, Hipster girls are the way to go. haha I would greatly enjoy it if you researched the subject and gave us a post about it.

    – Murphy

    “And now for something totally different…”

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