5 comments on “Pencils

  1. I’ve always taken notes in class with a pen, but not just any kind of pens.. inky pens. I’m not sure of what the technical term here is, but they spill more ink than others. Anyway, a friend of mine once walked away with one of my pens, and then lost it. I didn’t want to believe I was actually angry about it.. =/

    Anyway. . . 400 pencils!? Seriously? Wow.


    • Are you perhaps talking about ball point pens? Those are amazing pens, I must admit. I would use them more but my writing is just so terrible that I have to constantly erase and re-write things. And I can understand that. Those pens are just too good to be lost. I don’t have to run into that trouble with my pencils only because I have so many (except perhaps if someone lost my favorite one… :P)

      • That might be the name of them. There is also this type of really cheap pen that you buy in bulk (like 1000 at a time or something for businesses) that I like. Hahah we’re talking about pens.

        Hey do you post up drawings or cartoons on another blog or site?

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