One comment on “How WHITE AND NERDY are you?

  1. Weird Al, I haven’t heard his name in ages!

    [] You mow your own lawn
    [x] You like rapping/ want to rap/ try to rap (fail or succeed)
    [x] You enjoy school
    [x] Plan to/are in a highly academic university
    [] You play Dungeons and Dragons
    [] You want to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons
    []MC Escher is your favorite MC
    [x] You have a favorite MC
    [] You drink a lot of tea
    [] Earl Grey is your favorite tea
    [x] Your car rims do not spin opposite to the wheel (Your car is not “pimped out”
    [x] You don’t own a car, you bike/walk/ bus/ get a ride from your parents
    []You own action figures
    [] You own Steven Hawkings books
    [x] You still have a MySpace page [its all totally pimped out]
    [] You know Pi to a thousand places
    [] still wear braces
    []order all of my sandwiches with mayonnaise
    [] Enjoy playing minesweeper
    [] REALLY fast typer
    [] Have over 50 apps on ipod/ iphone
    [] Take computer programming/ know computer programming
    []Do vector calculus just for fun (or any kind of math ^_^)
    [] Own a soldering gun
    [] Enjoy the Happy days theme song
    [] Can sing the Happy Days theme song/ have it on your ipod
    [] kick butt in a game of ping pong
    [x] Suck really badly at ping pong yet love to play and do epic flailing/ dives for ball ( That must count as being epic )
    [] Are really good at trivia games/ love them
    []fluent in Java Script
    [] can speak Klingon
    [] Own a Segway!
    [] Collect X-men comics
    [] COllect a certain comics
    [] Read Manga/ watch Anime
    [] Constantly pens in your pocket
    [] Own an ergonomic keyboard
    [x] Shop online
    [] Like writable media
    [] edit Wikipedia
    []memorized Holy Grail
    [] Make websites
    [] Friends call you for computer help/ for comp or video game help
    []do HTML for friends
    [] Have a homepage for pet
    [] Own a fanny pack
    [] Shop at the GAP
    [x] Are amused by a roll of bubble wrap
    [x] Rhyme/ make similies/ metaphors for fun
    [] was in AV club
    [] in Glee club
    [] on the chess team!
    [] like Kirk or Picard
    [] Go to the renaissance fair

    I got . . . 10.

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